BCL-2 (pThr129)
B-cell CLL/lymphoma 2

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Antigen Preparation
"A synthetic peptide derived from epitope –FATVV- with the phosphorylation site Thr129 of human BCL-2 protein. This sequence is identical in human, rat, mouse, bovine and dog"
"The Bcl-2 gene codes for a 25 kDa protein which has been implicated in the control of cell death by apoptosis, in normal tissues, expression of bcl-2 is restricted to cells and tissues that are characterized by apoptotic cell turnover. Bcl-2 protein exerts a survival function in response to a wide range of apoptotic stimuli through inhibition of mitochondrial cytochrome c release, thus it is also considered as an inner mitochondrial membrane protein which can be expressed in lymphoma and breast carcinoma cells. This protein modulates mitochondrial calcium homeostasis and proton flux. Several phosphorylation sites have been identified within Bcl-2 including Thr56, Ser70, Thr74, Ser87 and Thr127 which may be the targets of the ASK1/MKK7/JNK1 pathway, and that phosphorylation of Bcl-2 may be a marker for mitotic events. Mutation of Bcl-2 at Thr56 or Ser87 inhibits its anti-apoptotic activity during glucocorticoid-induced apoptosis of T lymphocytes. Phosphorylation of Bcl-2 at Ser70 by IL-3/JNK may be required for its enhanced antiapoptotic functions."
The Rabbit IgG is purified by site-modified Epitope Affinity Purification.
This antibody recognizes Bcl-2 with the phosphorylation site Thr129. It does not cross-react with non-phosphospecific peptide.
This affinity purified antibody is supplied in sterile Tris-buffered saline (pH7.2) containing antibody stabilizer
The antibodies are stable for 24 months from date of receipt when stored at –20oC to –70oC. The antibodies can be stored at 2oC-8oC for three month without detectable loss of activity. Avoid repeated freezing-thawing cycles.
Gene ID
Applications/Suggested Working Dilutions
Western Blot
0.1-1 µg/ml
0.01-0.1 µg/ml
2-5 µg/ml
2-10 µg/ml
Flow cytometry
Not tested
Order Info
Catalog #: 500-8874
Lot #: See the label
Size: 100ug/200ul
Host: Rabbit
Isotyping: Rabbit IgG
Applications: IHC(P), WB
Reactivity: Hu, Ms, Rt
Price: $ 245.00
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