RhoGDI (pY156)
Rho GDP dissociation inhibitor (GDI) alpha; GDIA1;

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Product Preparation
A synthetic peptide surrounding the epitope – CRPEEYEFL- with a phosphorylation site at Tyrosine 156 of human Rho-GDI alpha protein. This sequence is identical among human, rat, mouse, bovine, chicken and dog.
Rho GTPases (Rac, Rho, and Cdc42) play important roles in regulating cell function through their ability to coordinate the actin cytoskeleton, modulate the formation of signaling reactive oxidant species, and control gene transcription. Activation of Rho GTPase signaling pathways requires the regulated release of Rho GTPases from Rho-GDI complexes, followed by their reuptake after membrane cycling. There are two isoforms, Rho-GDI alpha and Rho-GDI beta play synergistic roles in cell migration and development by modulating activation cycle of the Rho proteins. Src kinase binds and phosphorylates RhoGDI both in vitro and in vivo at Tyr156 which causes a dramatic decrease in the ability of RhoGDI to form a complex with RhoA, Rac1, or Cdc42. Src-mediated RhoGDI phosphorylation is a novel physiological mechanism for regulating Rho GTPase cytosol membrane–cycling and activity.
The Rabbit IgG is purified by Epitope Affinity Purification
This antibody recognizes ~23 kDa of human Rho-GDI protein at the phosphorylation site of Tyrosine 156. It does not cross react to non-phospho Rho-GDI.
This affinity purified antibody is supplied in sterile Tris-buffered saline (pH7.2) containing antibody stabilizer.
The antibodies are stable for 12 months from date of receipt when stored at –20oC. The antibodies can be stored at 2oC-8oC for one month without detectable loss of activity. Avoid repeated freezing-thawing cycles.
Gene ID
Applications/Suggested Working Dilutions
Western Blot
0.1-1 µg/ml
0.01-0.1 µg/ml
2-5 µg/ml
2-10 µg/ml
Flow cytometry
5-10 µg/ml
Order Info
Catalog #: 620-550
Lot #: See the label
Size: 100 ug
Host: Rabbit
Isotyping: Rabbit IgG
Applications: ELISA, WB, IHC
Reactivity: Hu, Ms, Rt
Price: $ 355.00
Ishizaki,H., et al. Defective chemokine-directed lymphocyte migration and development in the absence of Rho guanosine diphosphate-dissociation inhibitors alpha and beta. J. Immunol. 177 (12), 8512-8521 (2006).
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